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The company has a total of more than 30 sets of various kinds of electric drive test bench, including: Sinfonia25000 RPM high speed motor bench, AVL20000 RPM high speed motor bench, 10000 RPM /20000 RPM triple motor bench, NVH triple motor bench and a large number of double motor (pure electric/hybrid) test bench.

High speed motor bench

Powertrain bench

Test content

 Transmission efficiency, dynamic seal, temperature rise performance, high speed performance, high and low temperature performance, differential reliability, road simulation, static torsional performance, motor performance, safety performance, life test, NVH


√ With high speed, high precision test bench for high-speed motor, gearbox/gearbox, three-in-one powertrain and other products, with performance and durability testing ability

√  Excellent service capability: there are laboratories in Shanghai, Zhejiang Huzhou, Guangzhou and other places to meet the needs of customers close to the customer experience oriented, timely response to customer needs and feedback on the progress of the test

√ Professional personnel: have rich experience in testing projects, the number of laboratory personnel is up to 40 people and the percentage of the department is up to 60%. The engineers have the background of new energy parts and vehicle enterprises, and have a rich understanding of new energy and three power products.